Nautilus Studio Photo Proof | Photo Order Instructions

How to order or download your images

  1. Please sign up with your E-mail address
  2. All customers will receive an access code to their photos when they are uploaded for preview and ordering.
  3. Go to the client access and type in your access code
  4. You can add photos to your personal favorites, select them for printing, E-mail the link to the photographer or family and friends, or add them to the shopping cart for downloading.


For all prepaid Photo packages that are included in a wedding package by Events and More Inc or a prepaid photo package by Nautilus Studio please do the following:

  • Select photos that you wish to download and add it to the shopping cart

  • Select Buy and go to the "packages" selection. There you find all prepaid packages priced with 0$ amount. Choose the package that you have pre booked and you will be able to select up to the max. number included in your prepaid package. 

  • We will have to approve all orders before they can be downloaded.


Ordering prints, memorabilia and gift items.

  1. Select a photo you want to print and add it to the shopping cart. 

  2. For US customers and Canada please select your currency US$ and choose from the various services available

  3. For non US customers we currently have only price lists available for European customers with the currency of English Pound or Euros.  Please select your currency and choose from available services.